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Damien Coakeley

Emergency Preparedness Specialist


I am a retired thrity year veteran of the Ottawa Police Service, in Ottawa, Canada.  I have extensive experience in Emergency, Security and Project Management.  I also have extensive experience in security management in mult-venue large events that attract considerable crowds.

In addition to these attributes, I have signficant experience in the conception, delivery and evaluation of adult education based emergency, security and law related courses.

Employment history

In addition to my thirty year policing career, I have also worked as an instructor at the Community College level (1996-2007) and as a contracted instructor to various clients with respect to law, emergency and security related programs. Between June 2009 and March 2010, I was a member of ISAF under NATO/RCMP as a civilian police trainer and mentor to the Afghan National Police, in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Education history

I have recently completed a Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University, in Victoria, B.C.

Preferred area of employment

I would be interested in management level positions with organizations that require emergency, security and project management experience and expertise. I am also interested in consulting for any such organization through my registered business.

Employers I would most like to work for

Large event organizations, post secondary institutions or training academies, municipalities, etc.

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