CCTV & Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud CCTV Recordings & No More Bulky Recorders Or Lost PC Data Want to know more read this article!

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud computing simplifies computing to its basics: you use your computer to view CCTV, work on documents using Internet-based software and hardware, and then store them on the cloud (the Internet). You can then access the document from any cloud-friendly device such as netbook computers, tablet PCs, and even smartphones such as iPhones and BlackBerries. And Google Chrome has one of the easiest platforms for cloud computing available.

Doing all your work on a computer means that in an increasingly mobile and connected world, you keep bumping your noggin on the following increasingly frustrating problems:

· You can’t access data from your computer while you’re out and about.

· You can’t look up a document from your network if you’ve only got a smartphone/Tablet

· You can’t collaborate with folks who can’t access your network.

Camtrak & Gotabackups solution for all these woes is to allow you to shift your data to the cloud. If you have a Gotabackup account, you can store your documents in your online storage area.

Online storage is useful, to be sure, but Gotabackup ups the ante by also offering an unlimited backup service and it means unlimited. This portal allows users to access the data from the PC’s they have from a secure storage area anywhere in the world via the Back Pack and Back UP plans available.

Our CCTV & The Cloud

All our wireless CCTV cameras come supplied with easy to use software to configure your camera to your home WIFI network, a few clicks and changes and you’re up and running recording your CCTV onto your PC. The only cabling required for our cameras is power so as long as you can plug it into the wall like any other electronic device you will have a CCTV system up and running.

So am I going to fill up my PC with CCTV footage?

The answer to this is no, with the Gotabackup system it is easily configured to record to your PC and then upload your footage into your cloud storage area, once it has uploaded the files it will delete the PC file freeing up space again on your computer. The advantage of this system is that you as a CCTV user are no longer restricted by expensive hard drive prices or the size of the hard drive fitted to your digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR). The footage is not altered in any way from how it would be stored on your PC, but allows you to keep precious hard drive space clear on your home computer. In turn cloud storage also gives you added feature at a lower cost of not having to be at the DVR or NVR to access the footage as you can access it from your PC anywhere in the world, allowing you to create evidential DVD’s or CD’s from the comfort of your home without having to return to work.

Data Protection & The Cloud For CCTV Footage?

The data protection act states:

“Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data” (Information Commissioners Office 2008)

With our cloud storage you have an online storage portal with full encryption and user access which is password protected. As the data is stored in the cloud it makes it impossible to steal it conventionally unlike a CCTV recorder or hard drive.

So Why Choose Our Storage?

The cloud storage service we have selected covers all the main points around data protection and is secure, we know as we use it. As an added advantage it has the ability to not only backup your CCTV but will also backup your PC’s, this means should you have a PC breakdown you can still access all your saved data on any PC via the online password protected portal area. We have spent many months reviewing a variety of online backup cloud storage systems and when it comes down to it Gotabackup is very hard to beat. Included in this package is guaranteed 24 hour support with one of their technical advisers and unlike other firms they know what they are doing and aren’t reading an auto script off of a computer screen.

We are ahead of the game in the CCTV industry with cloud storage being revolutionary as a way of storing CCTV footage, no more bulky recorders, and no more hard drive failures just your CCTV and recordings secured professionally and properly.

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