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Are You liable for your employees while they are travelling?

If you are a New Zealand, Australian, UK, USA or Canadian business, then yes: Your Health and Safety laws still apply to staff travelling for business or training overseas.

Minimise risk for your valuable staff members and minimise the risk of non-compliance with our affordable packages of training solutions, travel security updates, and destination-specific travel reports.

We provide destination reports, tracking and call assistance, based on a per person- per trip basis- and we provide this to many organisations around the globe. Our 24/7 operations centre keep your staff informed and aware of possible trouble as they concentrate on business. We have their back for safety and security.

Our travel safety services and travel safety and hostile environment training is world class and are very competative- keeping the costs down for complience. No yearly subscriptions to be locked into.

Contact us now for further information on our Global Minder services.


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